The Annaghdown Golf Society was formed in FEB. 2001 and currently has over 100 members.


Membership of the society is open to:

1.Full Membership is open to people 18 years of age and over before the 31st of March of the year of application.

2.Junior membership is open to people aged 16 years of age from the 1st of January of the year of application. (agreed 2010 AGM)

3.Membership will be set by the committee & closes on the 31st of March each year. New members until 14th of April.

4.The Annual membership fee will be set by committee and approved at AGM. This fee is payable with application.

5.Names for Membership is only taken by the current Captain


The Constitution

The Constitution of the Annaghdown Golf Society was adopted at an EGM in The Clubhouse Wednesday 4th December.2002.This followed an original

draft by the committee and subsequent modifications following consultation with the members. The Constitution is divided into the following

sections. Name of the society, Aims of the society, Affiliations of the society, Membership of the society, Fees, Timesheet Committee, AGM, Prizes,

Handicaps, Player of the Year Award.



The society shall be known as the Annaghdown Golf Society (hereinafter referred to as the society).



The aim of the society is to promote and foster the game of golf amongst the members of Annaghdown Golf Society.

AFFILIATIONS The Society shall be affiliated to the Golfing union of Ireland and shall be bound by the rules of that union.



Membership of the society is open to:

1.Full Membership is open to people 18 years of age and over before the 31st of March Of the year of application

2.Membership will be set by the committee & closes on the 31st of March each year. new members until 14th of April.

3.The Annual membership fee will be set by committee and approved at AGM. This fee is payable with application.



1.The Annual General Meeting shall be arranged at a time deemed suitable by the Society committee.

2.All members of the society shall be notified through local media, church newsletter of the a.g.m. Not later than two weeks before the meeting.

3.Motions must be provided to the secretary in writing not later than one week before the a.g.m.

4.Where necessary an extraordinary general meeting may be called by the committee amend the constitution of the society. 2.A petition signed

by one-third of the membership of the Society. In the case of (2) the business to be brought forward at the meeting must be stated in the petition

to the Hon. Secretary and the EGM fixed not later than 4 weeks from receipt of petition. 5.Amendments to the constitution require agreement from

two- thirds of those present and voting at the extraordinary general meeting.



1.The Committee shall decide the allocation of prizes.

2.The Player of the Year shall be calculated on the highest aggregated score achieved from four single outings in that year. The scores used will be

recalculated with the player’s current club or society allocated handicap. In the event of two or more with the same score the following rules will

apply: The player with the best score from 3cards and so until a winner is declared.

3.Subject to timesheet constraints, all members are eligible to play on captains Prize day but only those who have played a minimum number of

previous Society outings that year are eligible to win the captains prize itself. The Committee will set the minimum number.



The annually elected committee shall be appoint a handicap sub-committee for the year. The rulings of the committee on handicaps will be final,

but they shall have regard to the following:

1.Members of Golf Clubs shall use their current club handicap.

2.Non-club members shall be allocated handicaps, appropriate to their golfing experience and form, by the Handicap Sub-Committee

3.The Handicap Sub-Committee has power to review and adjust a members’ society handicap at its discretion.

4.The Society playing handicaps will be comprised of two parts:

1.The members club or allocated handicap, as defined above.

2.An adjustment handicap to reflect reductions in respect of prize winning or additions for unsuccessful play to be decided by handicap committee.



Competition fee. The committee will set a fixed fee for all competitions regardless of the actual green fees or club affiliation.



A timesheet will be used for all society outings.

Any member who cannot fulfil a timesheet commitment should give earliest possible notice to the committee; failure will result in a penalty.



The affairs of the society shall be managed on its behalf by a committee consisting of the following officers:

Captain, Vice captain, hon. Secretary ,hon. Treasurer, pro and a maximum of three ordinary members.

1. The office of captain shall be held for a max period of one year.

2. On taking office the captain shall nominate his/her vice captain who will hold the office of society captain the following year.

3. The captain shall preside at all meetings of the society. In the absence of the Captain ,Vice captain shall preside @all meetings.

4. The Captain shall automatically have the right to serve on the committee the year after holding office.

5. All other officers and members of committee shall be elected individually at the AGM.

6. The hon. Secretary shall maintain proper records of the society and be responsible for arrangements for all meeting.

7. The hon. Treasurer shall maintain proper accounts and furnish annual balance sheet to the AGM.

8. The pro shall act as a liaison officer and perform other duties as agreed by the committee.

9. Committee members must be fully paid up members of the society.

10. A committee meeting requires 5 members to constitute a quorum.

11. Vacancies that arise during the year will be filled by co-option to the committee.

12. The committee may appoint sub-committees to deal with specific matters relating to the affairs of the society. One member of the

     committee must participate in each sub-committees deliberations.

13. Failure by an officer or member to attend meetings except for good and sufficient reasons will entail automatic loss of membership

     of the committee.

14. The president of society is elected at AGM each year.

15. In the event of Annaghdown GS ceasing to function as a Golf Society, any money that is left over after all expenses have been paid,

     will be given to a charity or charities (no greater than 2). This decision is to be made by a majority of the outgoing committee. (AGM 2016).



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